Causes and Prevention of a Slip and Fall Accident

Slip and fall accidents are usually overlooked. However, these accidents happen more often than other major accidents. Some so many people seek medical help every day due to the injuries caused by slip and fall accidents. Some of which are very fatal. It is possible to break any part of your body when you fall on a hard floor. People should understand the major causes of slip and fall accidents as well as how they can be prevented. Click here to get started.

These accidents are caused by small mistakes that people do. For example, business premises have tiles on the floors sometimes the cleaners may fail to completely dry off the water and detergents used to clean the floor make it slippery. A client may comfortably work into the premises unaware and slip. Other causes may include; poor floor maintenance, improperly fitted stairway, poor lighting especially in buildings that do not have access to natural light, poor visibility as well as lack of slip resistance. Taking care of the floor by ensuring slip resistances are fitted will minimize the slip and fall accidents in the organizations. Employers, workers, as well as clients will have an easy time walking around the organization. The managers should ensure preventive measures in the working environment. There are various ways that can be used to prevent and minimize slip and fall accidents. One is to ensure that the cleaners do their job thoroughly by not leaving behind wet floors. Use of mats that suit the activities done in the organization. Use of slip resistance floor materials. Some floors do not become slippery even after washing. When using materials such as carpets and mats, there should constantly be checking their condition to ensure they don't trap water and dust as well as to change them in case they tear up.Floor maintenance is the best way to prevent slip and fall accidents. Apart from the organization prevention of the accidents, there are personal ways of reducing them one is wearing proper shoes that can bear your weight while walking on smooth floors. Watch your steps to ensure you don't miss a stair or step on something that can make you slip. Do not walk on the wet floor. Normally in organizations such as hotels, they put a notice to warn their clients on wet floors and thus they should be avoided.

Personal safety is critical. Preventing the slip and fall accidents will help minimize the increase rate of disabled people in the society. Visit homepage for more info.